Did you know that many cosmetic dental procedures can actually improve your bite and strengthen your teeth? That's because good-looking teeth are often also strong and well-positioned teeth. Even 'purely cosmetic' procedures can make a real difference in our patients' lives. That's why Kitt Dental offers the services you need from a Tyler cosmetic dentist. Call Dr. Parris Kitt at (903) 561-4477 and learn how we can give you a healthier, more beautiful smile.


Bonding is a quick, painless procedure that can repair minor cracks, chips and spaces in your teeth. We apply the bonding material to the damaged area, harden it with a light, and then sand it down to mimic the shape of your other teeth.

Whether it's time for your child or teen to get braces for the first time, or you're considering straightening your teeth as an adult, we would love to help you discover a more beautiful, more confident smile with orthodontics. Straight teeth are not only more attractive, but they are also healthier for your oral hygiene, your gums, and your bite and TMJ.

Porcelain veneers bond to your teeth to correct problems with texture, color, or chipping and cracking. The veneers are stronger than the original enamel and represent an attractive, long-lasting solution to damaged or discolored teeth.

Yellowed, discolored teeth impact your looks, career prospects, and dating life. In-office professional teeth whitening or custom at-home whitening trays safely and effectively improve your tooth color and restore your self-confidence. Call our office to find out why these professional options are superior to the over-the-counter whiteners.

Are you sick of having a metal mouth? We can replace older, metallic fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays with modern ceramics. Choose a restoration that looks, feels and acts like natural teeth. All of our porcelain restorations are available in custom colors so that we can match them to your other teeth.