Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Parris Kitt Loves Transforming Smiles

Dr. Kitt has been helping patients smile brighter for over 25 years so far, and he’s just getting started. He enjoys taking care of people just as he does his own family, building connections on both a professional and personal level throughout the care process. Being able to improve the quality of someone’s life in a lasting way is extremely rewarding!

When it comes down to it, Dr. Kitt kind of wandered his way into the dental field. He graduated from Baylor University with a business degree and went to work in banking as an analyst. However, he only lasted for about 18 months before coming to the realization that he was in the wrong field. So back to Baylor he went, where he pursued a Master’s in Exercise Physiology while completing his premed prerequisites. At the time, he thought he might want to become an orthopedic surgeon, but after a week of shadowing at a hospital, he knew that job and its utter lack of free time wasn’t for him either.

Dr. Kitt first became introduced to the possibility of an oral healthcare career when Amie’s (his then-girlfriend and present-day wife) parents introduced him to two friends of theirs who worked as dentists. They encouraged him to look into the work further, and once he did, he realized that it was a great fit for his strengths and interests. He’d always loved the idea of working with his hands, indulging his meticulous side, experimenting with artistry, and having the ability to be his own boss. And here he still is, decades later!

Today, Dr. Kitt only realizes more and more each day what a positive impact dental health and a nice smile can have on someone. He is truly thankful that he discovered this amazing career.

Dr. Kitt pursued his dental doctorate at the University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio, followed by an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Residency at the US Naval Dental Center in Norfolk, VA. He then served as a dentist in the US Navy for three years before settling into private practice. To this day, he regularly pursues continuing education in order to keep his clinical skillset sharp and up to date. This includes time spent at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute, as well as 100+ hours of advanced training through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars. He is currently a member of several professional organizations.

Dr. Kitt has a wonderful, beautiful family that is truly his greatest blessing on earth. It all started with his best friend and amazing wife of 30+ years, Amie. Together, they have three incredible children. Their oldest son recently graduated from Western Colorado University, where he was on the winter sports team as a competitive snowboarder. He continues to live his outdoor dreams in Colorado. Their middle son is an honors student at Texas Tech, majoring in construction engineering and serving in leadership with his fraternity and a Christian organization on campus as well. Finally, their daughter is also attending Texas Tech, serving as the captain of their equestrian team.

When he isn’t busy at work, Dr. Kitt really enjoys riding/rebuilding Harley motorcycles. He’s currently working on a rebuild of a 2001 Harley Davidson Sportster into a custom chopper! He also spends a good amount of time as an avid photographer on the “fine art” side. His most recent photo project involved a series centered around longhorn cattle and rodeos, which he worked on for about four years. As of late, he’s begun to focus on finding interesting angles of flowers. He’s always up for riding his bicycle and drinking a really good cup of coffee, too.