Dr. Parris Kitt knows how important your family's health is to you. He's created an office dedicated to excellence in dental care and oral health. When we take steps to protect your teeth, we protect your whole-body health. We're the Tyler, TX dental office that excels at caring for the entire family in one convenient location.

We can care for you and your children for a single block of appointments. Take fewer trips to the dentist by booking a family appointment block at Kitt Dental. That means less driving, less time, and fewer days off work.

A family appointment block also makes it easier for us to spot problems troubling the whole family. Are you afraid that your child has inherited your orthodontic issues? Do you have questions about toothbrushes or water picks that apply to your whole family? Does your family need fluoride supplements or have a problem with stained teeth? We can give you the insight you need into your family's oral health issues.

Also, keeping organized is tough today and if you can experience one stop, one day focus on your family's oral health, you can better enjoy the rest of your days full of dance lessons, soccer, piano and more. Call us at (903) 561-4477 to make an appointment for your whole family.

College kids and young adults also have complicated schedules. Let our fantastic office staff help you understand your insurance and any restrictions or opportunities it may hold. We have found that utilizing the college exam schedule keeps our long time kids coming back to us as they start to own their life. Make an appointment the first week after finals and you can typically maximize your dental benefits and still find time to have fun or get to a job right after finals. A May/December or May/January plan will work for most of our young adults.

When was the last time you came in for a cleaning? Do you remember the last time you had X-rays taken? You should get a cleaning at least every 6 months, and X-rays every 1-2 years. If you have certain health issues, you may need appointments or X-rays more often. While it's tempting to skip appointments when you're busy, it's important to keep coming in. Frequent check-ups can prevent painful and debilitating oral health problems. Ask our hygienists about the link between oral health and heart health!


Dr. Kitt is trained to screen for oral cancers. This quick, painless screening can find pre-cancerous growths and save lives. If you have questions about dipping, smoking or vaping, we can help get you answers, including strategies to reduce your risks.


We are here to get you out of pain! If you've lost or broken a tooth, contact us. If we see you quickly, we may able to prevent lasting damage. In cases where we can't stop the damage, we can repair it quickly and set your mind at ease.
We will always review costs before we move forward--let us see you for a limited exam and we will look at the area of concern, listen to you, get any medicines you may need for pain and review the options and pricing for dental care.


If you or your child participates in sports, a mouth guard is a must-have piece of safety gear. A custom mouth guard fits better and is more comfortable than a generic one. Mouth guards can prevent debilitating injuries to the teeth, gums, jaws and tongue.