Tooth pain is usually a sign that something is wrong

Tooth pain is usually a sign that something is wrong

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If you're experiencing pain eating chewing, or any other time, call Dr. Parris Kitt at 903-561-4477. While the pain is sometimes just a sign that it's time for a cleaning or that your sinuses are acting up, sometimes it can indicate a much more serious problem. In these cases you may need a root canal or an extraction.


Most cavities are fairly minor. If you haven't had a traumatic injury and you have frequent checkups, the dentist will frequently catch them before they've done much damage to the tooth. However, sometimes the bacteria eats its way into the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is the soft part of the tooth. It's where the blood vessels and nerves are. When the pulp is under attack, the whole tooth is in danger.

A root canal is a way to save a tooth with infected pulp. The dentist drills into the pulp, removes the infected portion and fills the canal. Since the pulp is in the root, this is called a root canal. After the dentist has filled in the injured portion of the tooth, he adds a crown. The crown is crafted in a lab to match your other teeth. Root canals are a minor surgery. They're done in the office with local anesthesia. Many patients say that the procedure sounds worse than it actually is.


If a tooth is too diseased to save, or if it's gravely interfering with the ability of other teeth to work properly, it may need to be pulled. A tooth extraction is an in-office tooth pulling. As antibiotics and root canal treatments improve, extractions are becoming more and more unnecessary.

Do you have tooth pain? Are you worried about root canals and extractions? Let the staff at Kitt Dental set your mind at ease. We're the Flint, Texas Dentist who makes an effort to explain procedures and to relieve your pre-procedure worries.