Communication & Technology in Dentistry

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So much has changed since 1995 when the dream of being a dentist was truly about to happen, especially in the area of communications! The days of land lines and yellow pages is fading as the burst of cell phones and Google reviews hits as a reality.  "Change is never fatal, but failure to change may be," is a favorite quote from coach John Wooden that is said around our office regularly.  We believe this clinically and culturally, while staying true to the reasons we started this crazy business in the first place.

Our communications system allows us to text our patients to confirm their appointments, reschedule them when they need to and even answer basic questions. Our patients love this...and we know because we ask them!  Our Google reviews indicate the ease of communicating with us makes coming to the dentist painless! :)

Being in a small town makes merging with technology a little more tricky....we have to customize it because we know our patients so well. The 80 year old folks need an actual phone call to confirm and an appointment card reminder, while the 20 somethings only need a text and a quick add on their iPhone to get an appointment scheduled. Now, the people in the middle have it the hardest...some like a phone call others are all about a text and then managing all their kids makes it even more challenging. Somehow, we get it set up to help you better take care of yourself and those you love.  Reach out to us and see how we can help you move forward with your oral health.