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Packing Your Child A Teeth Friendly Lunch:   Foods That Are A Great Choice

Packing Your Child A Teeth-Friendly Lunch: 5 Foods That Are A Great Choice

Children are picky about everything, especially their food. Their favorite thing to do is eat unhealthy foods such as chocolates, carbonated drinks and basically anything sweet. However, it’s a commonly known fact that sweets are not good for a kid’s teeth - let alone anyone's teeth. It comes down to the parents to make healthy…

Daily Oral Maintenance:   Tools Dentists Recommend

Daily Oral Maintenance: 3 Tools Dentists Recommend

Daily oral maintenance is crucial to keep a healthy set of gums and teeth. It’s important to pay attention to the entire mouth as a whole. Doing this will provide a person with healthy teeth and gums, as well as a great smile.Knowing the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth can be difficult because…